Dear Family and Friends of St. George’s,

It has been an interesting couple of weeks with us as all of the kids were sick in some way or another…the most notable being the boys and their chicken-pox!! We thank God that the storm seems to have passed.

Storms of a very different sort have been beating against the Church in the last few weeks as well-both here at St. George’s and around the world. We continue to press ahead with what we believe the Lord has called us to and we remain in prayer for those individuals and families that are experiencing hardships in various ways. Please remember to place your prayer requests in the Orange Book at the back of the sanctuary so that we are both aware of your needs and so that we can pray for you both corporately during the Sunday Worship Service as well as during the week as God’s Spirit reminds us to intercede constantly for all of the saints.

We are also aware of the spiritual distress that so many are going through around the world as they endure persecution at the hands of groups such as ISIS, Boko Haram and others. These believers need our constant prayers as well, especially as they often pay the highest price for the Name of Christ as they sacrifice their very lives for Him and His sake. Persecution and suffering, albeit on a more emotional level has as the secularization of the western nations gathers momentum and moral outrages are perpetrated by judicial activists bow to the pressure of those determined to attack, undermine and destroy our ancient and most Holy Faith. The latest judgement of the Supreme Court in the United States relating to same sex marriage is a case in point. Nothing has been as significant and hostile to the Christian Faith and Christian Marriage since the equally unholy Roe vs. Wade judgement that legalized the murder of the most innocent among us-little babies in their mothers’ wombs. In the face of this we might want to retreat and remain silent about our Faith but friends that is exactly what we need to resist.

Historically, the Church has always flourished when it has been in a state of apparent weakness and under various types of persecution and so we need to take courage, not only from the example of the saints that have gone before us but also of Holy Scripture. This falling away from the faith was prophesied (@ Thess. 2v1-11 *v10-11) but even in the face of this Christ promised us that HE WILL BUILD HIS CHURCH AND THAT NOTHING WILL PREVAIL AGAINST IT (Matthew 16v13-20). Paul reminds of the mystery of struggle and suffering when he said it is only when we are weak in our own strength that Christ can be strong in us and through us and that regardless of how things may seem His Grace is always enough to see us through any trial that would befall us (2 Corinthians 12v1-100.

It is indeed a challenging time in which we live and for those of us who have built our lives and our faith upon the Solid Rock of Jesus we have nothing to fear even as those who called themselves Christians but were careless with their faith are swept away by heresy and immorality because they built upon the sands of human opinion, human excess and depravity and seem bent on cultural suicide (Matthew 7v24-27). Dear friends, we have to examine ourselves and consider where we stand with regards to the One that we call Christ…will we become even quieter in our witness, join those who call themselves believers but are determined to accommodate the “world” to the point of remaking our Faith into little more than a sick, shallow and anaemic version of itself that will eventually suffer the judgements of our Lord OR will we allow the Holy Spirit to use these events to ignite within us a faith that is even more alive, more contagious and more determined to Love both Christ and to share that Love with a world that is literally dying to know because they do not know Him. Freinds, we all have a decision to make…may God give us the boldness and courage to remain faithful even as we wait for His Glorious Appearing.