Dear Friends,

It is now 3 ½ years since Taryn and I came to love and to look after all of the beautiful people at St. George’s and so much has happened, not only to us as a family, but also with our spiritual family. I must admit, that in the beginning, it was quite a challenge when faced with a handful of worshippers on a Sunday…but within that small remnant were the “Pillars of the Church”. Those who remained in the face of adversity, struggle and took joy in the small things. They were an example to me of the Biblical instruction to never despise small beginnings because out of that can come great things.

We have moved on as a congregation of people who love Jesus and we have grown, not forgetting those who loved us along the way but had to move on because of work, relocation and so forth. We have had some that have stayed with us and become part of the furniture so to speak. For those of us who make up the present family of St. George’s we have to look to the future even as those who handed these beautiful buildings and facilities on to us, looked forward to a group of people they had not yet seen. There has been uninterrupted worship of the Almighty God here on these grounds since 1939 and for those who came before us we are truly grateful. May we be good stewards of their legacy.

As some of you may (or may not) know, we have some exciting events coming up in the near future. I have finally moved into the Church Office and am available as outlined in our Intimations. I look forward to seeing where God will take us in this endeavour. We also have VineSong visiting us on 30 October at 1900 to share God’s Redemptive and Restoring Love with us all. This is an event not to be missed. Our prayer meetings are going well on Wednesday night and Friday morning but I am sure that these could be so much better with a few more of our dear friends praying along with us. The Children’s Church has really benefitted from the gracious efforts and love that Wynitta, Natalie and Shireen have put into it. We have also been blessed with new life and it is great to see little people among us again…Kaytlin, Talitha, Gemma and Matthew are all just as happy to be among us and we are to be around them. Our men’s group will start with Saturday and we will be behaving ourselves without our beautiful wives assistance in this matter because I will be there personally to oversee the boys…what is the worst that could happen with the Pastor there? Plans for a ladies group are underway as well but we are not yet sure that we can trust you once you are together without our supervision…

There is much to be excited about and much to participate in BUT these things and the sense of COMMUNITY that I am trying to develop and engender can only happen if you come along on this journey of faith with me. It warms my heart so when I see our Sunday morning services so full and really miss you very much when you are not with us. I am however convinced of your commitment to our Lord and the work that He seeks to do here at St. George’s.

I look forward to where God is taking us. Make sure that you are part of the greatest adventure that any person can ever partake in-the adventure of FAITH.



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