Dear Friends,

As we enter the Season of Advent, we find ourselves, once again asking where has the time gone? We ask this question of nobody in particular because we know very well that they are as confused as we are as to how the year seems to deny us more and more time as the years go by. We are reminded of our own mortality and the fact that every single one of us have been given only so many days to serve God and to make this world a lot better of a place than we found it in.

The word “Advent” means simply “Coming” and is to us as Christ’s Church, the season or time in which we reflect upon and remember the first coming into this world of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I say first coming because we are all convinced, in keeping with orthodox expressions of the Christian Faith that Christ will come again. His First and Second Coming are quite different and it is this that we are COMPELLED to tell the world about. In the first He was a Baby but in the second He is a Man; in the first He comes as a Servant but in the second He comes as a King; in the first He came to Save the world but in the second He comes to Judge the world…in the first He was the Lamb of God who took away the sin of the world but in the second He is Lion of the Tribe of Judah who will Rule and Reign for all eternity and before whom every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is the Lord God Almighty. I pray that even as you read this letter, the Holy Spirit would impress upon all of our hearts the urgency of the fact that we must seek the Lord Jesus Christ while He still may be found…we have to consider how it is that we want our family, friends and neighbours to meet Christ, as the Lion or Lamb. May we make every effort to allow Christ to use us as His Herald’s to declare His Love for the world.

Looking forward to 2014, I am excited by many things and I pray that you would share in this excitement with me. Our men’s and ladies meetings will continue and added to that we will have two Bible Studies established on Wednesday’s. One will be in the morning for those who can make that time and the other will be in the evening…Val has graciously agreed to lead one and I will lead the other. Our prayer meetings will continue on Wednesday nights and Friday mornings with an added periods of fasting as the Lord directs us. Our Children’s Church will change shape a bit in order to rest our ever faithful teachers and we are trusting God that we will have a youth group established by the end of January. Our worship team, which has grown in leaps and bounds, will also consider the best way in which they can serve Christ but also have weekend’s off where they can just sit and worship instead of leading constantly from the front. We also plan to emphasize an Alpha Course after Easter but the success of that will be up to each and every one of us who call St. George’s home. There are one or two other items that are simmering in the background but I cannot tell you everything can I?

It has been a great blessing to serve you as your Pastor over the last few years and I look forward to many more together as we transform St. George’s into the Church that we all want it to be.



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