A Meeting Place Of The Old And The New.

Saturday 6 March saw the induction of Mark Boshoff as the newly appointed minister at St George’s Presbyterian Church. This was a very grand occasion attended by many members of Durban’s Presbytery in their regalia. It was an occasion that reminded us all of where we had come from and that our roots lay in the ancient Church but the service was also marked by the more contemporary aspects that St. George’s has embraced over the years. We are a congregation where we try and create the best balance between all that is best in what has gone before and what has been handed down to us and what our modern context needs and what is necessary to remain relevant for our time.

During the order of service the Rev William Pool, delivered the charges, wherein he encouraged Mark with 2 Tim 1:7 – “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and a sound mind.”  He emphasized that the Church needs ministers who are going to be bold in the things of God in order that they will be able to help people cope with challenging times with which they are faced on a daily basis.  The source of power, love and a sound mind is, of course, the Holy Spirit.  Only then will we see the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Rev Pool went on to say that preaching is a pastoral activity and explained that it is because we (the ministers) love the people of God that there should be no note of judgment, or unjust, or false, or selfish criticism.  Just as Jesus is the Great Shepherd, so it is that by His Spirit he gives us (the ministers) a shepherd’s heart for our people and that is the spirit of love.

In closing he addressed the congregation – accentuating the incredible privilege of having a minister and the importance of extending support to Mark, Taryn and Jorja.  Rev Pool cautioned that too much of many a minister’s time is taken up in smoothing ruffled feathers in his own congregation, so that he seldom gets the chance of taking the Kingdom of God out into the world beyond.

St George’s Presbyterian Church – a place where ALL ARE WELCOME regardless of where we have been and what we have done.

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